What We Do

The Bhunjun Group started as a construction company, but with hard work and success comes growth and diversification. The Group now encompasses several subsidiary companies offering clients a full service approach to their construction and property development needs.


The Group is involved in the following spheres of activities:


Shipping & logistics



In line with the diversification and growth strategy of the Bhunjun Group , Betamax was incorporated in the year 2009 and is actually involved in shipping and logistics services. The core business activity of the company is the transportation of petroleum products at an International level with a portfolio of clients namely British Petroleum, Exxon and Shell among others. The Shipping division of the group is flourishing especially after acquisition of a second vessel last year. In line with its vision of growth, the group is considering further expansion strategies mainly in the far east market, hence seizing the opportunity of the increase in demand triggered by the drop in the price of petroleum products.