What We Do

The Bhunjun Group started as a construction company, but with hard work and success comes growth and diversification. The Group now encompasses several subsidiary companies offering clients a full service approach to their construction and property development needs.


The Group is involved in the following spheres of activities:


Manufacture & Sale of Building Materials



The Group is involved in the manufacture and sale of building materials through its subsidiary Betonix Ltd. There are two stone crushing and batching plants namely at La Tour Koenig and at Nouvelle France in order to service customers of the south of the island more efficiently and faster and to tap in new business opportunities in the south with the emergence of the new residential zone, hotels and IRS in the region. The group also has a selling point at Phoenix. Our activities in this field can be summarised as follows:

• De-rocking & haulage of boulders from their natural site to our crushing plant

• Stone crushing and production of rocksand, aggregates, gravels

• Production of graded stone of various sizes

• Manufacturing of concrete blocks of various dimensions

• Production and placing of ready-mix concrete