• Incorporated in September 2011.

  • Vehicle through which CSR projects are managed & monitored.

  • Objective is to ensure a focused & professional approach to CSR.

Our Objectives

  • Contribute to a Sustainable Action plan of CSR while working with our employees, the local communities and the NGOs.

  • Provide meaningful assistance to the most vulnerable sections of the population.

  • Help the identified groups to move out of the poverty traps in a more comprehensive way.


Our Completed Projects

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In the Media



Publication in "Le Matinal"


  • 2012 - Projet de logement lancé a Gros-Billot





Publication in "Le Defi Quotidien"


  • 2012 - Remise des clés pour 10 maisons NEF





Publication in "Le Mauricien"


  • 2012 - Un centre d'éveil de caritas a souillac




NEF Article


  • 2012 - La NEF et la soudursan Bhunjun Foundation réalisent le reve de 10 familles