• Incorporated in September 2011.

  • Vehicle through which CSR projects are managed & monitored.

  • Objective is to ensure a focused & professional approach to CSR.

Our Objectives

  • Contribute to a Sustainable Action plan of CSR while working with our employees, the local communities and the NGOs.

  • Provide meaningful assistance to the most vulnerable sections of the population.

  • Help the identified groups to move out of the poverty traps in a more comprehensive way.


Our Completed Projects

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Our Areas Of Focus


Business is not our ultimate aim; one of our core values is to be good corporate citizens and we are genuinely committed to bring our contribution to society.


As part of our community engagement, the Group sponsors numerous socio-cultural activities as well as environmental events. Working with charitable organisations enables us to actively contribute and add value to society. Our philanthropic plan is however not limited to financial supports of such organisations.



Housing projects which will impact in a meaningful way for the alleviation of Poverty


Enhancing the conditions for a better quality of life for the needy residents of the Elderly Care Home


Promote training & educational facilities over the island


Supporting NGOs having
sustainable projects to

alleviate poverty


Providing Scholarship to

Needy Students at the

University of Mauritius


Attending the pressing needs
of “La petite Enfance”