• Incorporated in September 2011.

  • Vehicle through which CSR projects are managed & monitored.

  • Objective is to ensure a focused & professional approach to CSR.

Our Objectives

  • Contribute to a Sustainable Action plan of CSR while working with our employees, the local communities and the NGOs.

  • Provide meaningful assistance to the most vulnerable sections of the population.

  • Help the identified groups to move out of the poverty traps in a more comprehensive way.


Our Completed Projects

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Our Completed Project



In the year 2012, S.B Foundation held a handing ceremony in Gros Billot where 10 families living in precarious conditions were the beneficiaries of their own housing units costing Rs 2 million overall.


S.B Foundation also accompanied these families for a period of 1 year by earmarking Rs 500,000 for the financing of children schooling, improving their standard of living, parents attending enlightenment courses, etc..


Moreover, 5 computers accompanied with tables and chairs have been provided to families with children and a training scheme had been in put in place for them.