How We Care

"The pursuit of sustainable development is crucial to ensure the longevity

of the business."




We take our environmental responsibilities very seriously. Managing our environmental footprint and minimising the environmental impact requires a disciplined approach if we want to achieve a sustainable development. Before undertaking major projects, we conduct an Environmental Impact Assessment and an Environmental Monitoring Plan to determine the consequences of the proposed development. Through this multi-disciplinary study we identify and evaluate the expected effects on the natural environment and human health and mitigate potential risks.


We try to incorporate the natural environment as much as possible in our property developments through the use of natural materials and landscaping so as to make the buildings less conspicuous when seen from a distance. The visual impact is softened through the introduction of vegetation, plantation of indigenous trees, shrubs, local rockeries on site so as to camouflage the built-up aspect and blend the buildings into the landscape.


For our stone crushing and concrete batching plants a number of measures are taken to minimise the impact on the environment, e.g. the use of water sprinklers at various locations to attenuate the emanation of dust from the site or The erection of green belts of eucalyptus trees planted on site to ‘capture’ the dust, ‘purify’ the air and to serve as a visual barrier to hide the buildings.