How We Care

"TheĀ pursuit of sustainable development is crucial to ensure the longevity

of the business."

Our Team



Our staff is our greatest asset and we are proud to say that we have a team of competent, experienced and fully dedicated employees at various levels in the organisation. We value our employees and give them opportunities to grow and develop their full potential through on-the-job and off-the-job coaching. In fact, many of our employees have grown and matured in their jobs and are now assuming greater responsibilities in supervisory positions.


The Group is also dedicated to providing a safe working environment to employees and sub-contractors. We believe that the prevention of accidents is both our moral obligation and good business. Safety is not something we do in addition to the work; it's how we do the work.


The Group does not hesitate to invest in safety equipment and have put in place procedures to ensure that every employee returns home safe at the end of each working day. Health and Safety Officers are employed to ensure adherence to security standards. We also have a Health and Safety committee that meets on a regular basis to analyse the level of risk of the workplace and takes remedial actions where needed.