What We Do

The Bhunjun Group started as a construction company, but with hard work and success comes growth and diversification. The Group now encompasses several subsidiary companies offering clients a full service approach to their construction and property development needs.


The Group is involved in the following spheres of activities:


Construction & Property Development


The Bhunjun Group initially started its operation in the construction sector through its subsidiary Bhunjun & Sons Ltd, undertaking all types of building projects from major civil engineering projects like roads, bridges, reservoirs and other infrastructure-related projects to hospitals and medical centres, educational buildings, industrial and commercial buildings, etc. Throughout the years, the Group gradually diversified into property development, both residential and commercial through its company, Bhunjun Properties Ltd.


• Residential Developments



Small development projects like private houses to the more complex projects like multi-storey residential apartments, residential complexes, bungalows, e.g., Gold Coast Bungalow Complex, Calodyne Bungalow at Calodyne, Residence Virgil at Quatre Bornes.

An RES project, La Tourelle Ocean View Residence in Tamarin comprising of 40 apartments , has also been successfully completed by the Bhunjun Group and was delivered in Nov 2012. This RES project has been awarded ‘Best Apartment Mauritius’ and ‘Best Apartment Africa’ by the International Property Awards 2011.

The Group caters for all aspects of the development offering turnkey options to our clients.


• Offices & Commercial Complexes



The Group has developed expertise in the construction of offices, high rise buildings and commercial complexes. Some of these office towers have become popular buildings in our metropolitan skylines, e.g., Discovery House in Quatre Bornes, NPF building in Rose Hill, the Cyber Tower 1 in Ebene and more recently the B&S Court (high class office building of 6200m2) and B&S Tower (multi-storeyed state-of-the art complex of 12,500m2) both situated in the heart of Ebene Cybercity.