Our Subsidiaries


The Bhunjun Group comprises several subsidiaries namely, Bhunjun & Sons Ltd, Bhunjun Properties Ltd, Betonix Ltd, Fine Crush Ltd, Fine Holidays Ltd, offering interrelated services in the construction and real estate development so as to ensure efficiencies, professionalism and quality at all stages of the supply chain.


From production of construction materials like rocksand, aggregates, building blocks, ready-mixed concrete, to real estate development and construction management, we offer integrated solutions to our clients and position ourselves as a ‘one-stop-shop’ for project development.


In order to ensure a stable supply of quality raw materials at all times, Betonix integrated backwards and acquired Fine Crush Ltd in 1999. Fine Crush is involved in stone crushing and manufacture/sales of building materials. The company is committed to providing premium quality construction materials, whether gravels, rocksand, other aggregate-based materials or blocks. The company does more than just process rock; to achieve optimum performance and materials of superior quality, aggregates are crushed and sized to specific standards and this requires skills and expertise.